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In 2018, we set up Parpend design because we were fed up with how design was being approached and executed by advertising firms in Nigeria. The less-than-appropriate approach to design has led to a terrible misconception of what design is and the value it brings to businesses locally.

Design in Nigeria has been reduced to the knowledge of tools and its strategic aspect has been thrown out the window. This is a major reason why most businesses don’t truly understand the value design adds to them.

Our attitude is predicated on function and form. Most businesses are created to solve specific problems for specific people, therefore, communication has to be clear and effective, and products & services also have to address these specific problems. Together with function, we ensure we deliver breathtaking graphic design.

Ultimately, we are partners with businesses and our goal is to help these businesses connect with people and have a profound impact on society. We also look to dramatically improve the perception of design in the society Nigeria.


Our Process

We ensure that brands are involved in the design process.

Business goals are important and the fine point is where these goals and customer goals meet. In a world where everyone has something to say, creating an authentic connection is gold. Through adequate research and breathtaking graphic design, we help businesses identify gaps and opportunities that they may use to make informed decisions.

Our Team


Dara Fakoya

Dara is a co-founder & partner at Parpend design.

He is a multi-disciplinary creator of beautiful and functional things. From an early stage in his career, Dara has always believed that design could shape people’s lives. Today, he uses his skills to help businesses grow and for the general good.

A serious fun-loving designer, he’ll one day love to design a car.


Kehinde Akinnusoye

Kehinde is a co-founder & partner at Parpend design.

With a background in Civil Engineering, Kehinde had an early start designing for both impact and scale. Guided by the belief that “good design is deliberate“, he seeks to design solutions that are equally intentional and balanced in form + function. Currently, he teaches design and works with brands to discover their competitive advantage through design.


Our Services

We currently offer services in communication, digital products, print and motion for micro interactions.


Brand Messaging
Brand Tonality
Visual Identity
Collateral Design
Environmental Design

Digital product design

UX Strategy & Design
UI Design

UX Writing
Interaction Design






Through collaboration and with exceptional attention to detail, we are able to achieve a high level of design, create and reinvent brand experiences.

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